Rodent Control

All American Pest Management’s Rodent Control strategy typically involves sanitation measures, rodent proofing (exclusion), population reduction (trapping) and prevention (bait stations).

We inspect your home, identifying signs of rodent activity and potential entry points, taking the time to understand your individual needs. At the end of the inspection, we develop a customized plan to address your specific rodent problem.

  • Sanitation: The most effective rodent control begins with prevention. Trash should be disposed of properly, and sanitary conditions should be maintained. Food (both human and pet) should be sealed in glass or metal containers.
  • Exclusion: All American will inspect your home to find any rodent entry points – such as any holes, crevices, or gaps that are larger than 1/4 inch through which rodents could use to enter- and seal them. By removing the places rodents have to gain entry in and out we can control and remove them.
  • Trapping: When a rodent infestation already exists, some form of trapping is needed to control the rodents already inside. This process could take a few days or up to a few weeks. We will routinely check and promptly remove the rodents as they are trapped.
  • Bait Stations: After rodents have been Excluded and the remaining rodents have been Trapped and removed we typically recommend that bait stations be placed at strategic locations around structures to ensure that no further infestation may occur.
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