Feral Pig

Feral pigs are found in every county in Florida. They are prolific breeders, and they are growing in population daily. Their reach is now extending into many Florida cities.

Feral pigs resemble domestic pigs but are usually leaner with different behaviors to survive in the wild. Wild pigs have an excellent sense of smell and good hearing, but relatively poor vision.

Feral pigs can weigh 100 to 200 pounds or more and they can be dangerous. Although they prefer to run and escape danger, they can be aggressive when they’re injured or cornered. They can move with great speed and can cause serious injury with their tusks.


They will eat almost anything, including dead animals, they are always looking to forage. The rooting behavior of wild pigs causes significant damage. Rooting — digging for foods below the surface of the ground — destabilizes the soil surface, uprooting or weakening native vegetation, damaging lawns and landscapes.

Fencing is an option but it can be prohibitively expensive. Our program consists of safely and humanely trapping and removing the animals.

All American Pest Management is licensed to trap and transport feral pigs.

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