Dry Wood Termites

Dry wood termites ravage buildings in Florida. They may be in a building for 5 years before swarming and being discovered. That is one reason your choice of who you partner with to protect your property is of the utmost importance.

All American Pest Management has experienced professionals that will help protect your property. Early detection and identification are key.

When a Dry wood Termite infestation is found early it may be localized and a spot treatment may be performed. This can be a more convenient (you don’t have to leave the premises for an extended time) and a more cost-effective option.

All American Pest management utilizes state of the art equipment to locate the area of infestation. We then drill very small holes into the affected area and spot treat it with a non-repellant termaticide foam that is injected into the infested area. The foam fills the infested area with that non-repellant product and eliminates the problem.

The affected area may then be patched (usually just a dab of caulk) and painted.

All American Pest Management has a long history of successful spot treatment of dry wood termites.