Dirty and Disgusting German Roaches

You can easily recognize these nasty little guys. Adults have tan or light brown coloration with two remarkable dark strips on their protonum, going from their head to the back. Young roaches are almost black in color, but they have the same strips.

Though these guys have wings, they rarely use them, as they prefer running to flying. They usually grow to a length of up to 16 mm.

These creatures are not only disgusting themselves, but they also bring lots of germs and bacteria in the houses, as their favorite places to explore are far from clean. They contaminate the space around them considerably with waste products (which can be rather allergic) and cast off skin. And to make the matters worse, they secrete odor compounds, so if their population is large, you may detect a mild musty smell in the room.

Another problem is the German cockroaches’ ability to reproduce at enormously high speed. It is necessary to take all possible safeguard measures once you see even one of these creatures in your dwelling.